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Position: Data Base Administrator

Duties: Test programs or databases, correct errors, and make necessary modifications. Plan, coordinate, and implement security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized damage, modification, or disclosure. Modify existing databases and
database management systems. Specify users and user access levels for each segment of the database. Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of the database to the management system, or direct others in coding descriptions. Develop standards and
guidelines for the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information. Review procedures in database management system manuals to make changes to the database. Train users and answer questions. Approve, schedule, plan, and supervise the installation and testing of new
products and improvements to computer systems, such as the installation of new databases. Identify and evaluate industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for upper management. Develop a data model describing data elements and how they are
used, following procedures and using pen, template, or computer software. Select and enter codes to monitor database performance and to create a production database. Identify, evaluate, and recommend hardware or software technologies to achieve desired database performance. Plan
and install upgrades of database management system software to enhance database performance. Test changes to database applications or systems.


POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer and
Information Systems or foreign degree equivalent, and 6 months on the job.
Job Location: Miami, FL
Contact: Gianelle Garcia-Arias at

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