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Our Programs are designed to support the natural interaction between children and their surrounding environment. We believe in stimulating the developmental process by introducing challenges and creating educational goals for our students.


Our Curriculum focuses on problem resolution, information selection, hypothesis construction, and decision-making tactics. We believe these skills assist in the development of the 4 basic areas of fundamental growth:

  • Cognitive

  • Socio-Emotional

  • Psychomotor

  • Language

Cognitive growth can be gained through the expression of Art; Social growth through music (ie. instrument instruction), Psychomotor through Gymnastics, and Language via Voice classes.


Age Groups

Learn more about what your child will explore throughout their journey at Loyola Preschool

Classroom 1, 2A, 2B

18 months – 2 years old

We give our welcome to the newest members of Loyola Arts Preschool. An adventure filled with laughter and learning experiences. “Yes, I am small, but I can do lots of things. The world is new to me, and what better way to discover it here in Loyola Arts Preschool!"

Classroom 3A & 3B

3 - 4 years old

As we embark in this new escapade teacher’s guide our children through a new and different environment full of adventure, knowledge, and independence in an ultimate escapade experience. Self-esteem is the key element in this expedition as we begin to socialize.

Classroom 4A & 4B

4 – 5 years old

Our classroom is our own planet where we create and experience collaborative play, build relationships with children as well as with adults, and we participate in group routines. We are the role models of Loyola Arts Preschool core and values. We are eager learners ready to go beyond average knowledge.