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Loyola Elementary’s vision is a space that fosters and inspires growth for your child to realize that an education is more than just a learning experience. The child’s interactions with parents, teachers and other students are an integral part of the early educational process. The child will be totally prepared to continue his education to the maximum limit society and his own determination will demand. 



The Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm is founded on the belief that education has to go beyond the mere transmission of information from professor to student. More than an exercise in memorization or a purely cognitive transaction, education is meant to be a transformational experience that affects the students on all levels—cognitive, certainly, but also emotional and behavioral. The student who has been through this kind of experience will have had old ideas unsettled in the service of developing a fuller understanding of self and the world, and in service of helping that world. The process operates through a cycle, which, in its simplest form, works like this:




For almost two decades now, the members of our team have been pioneers in childhood and arts education.

Loyola Elementary is rooted in nearly twenty years of experience providing excellence in education. In 1999, we pledged to foster the arts in Miami's young children and to support its vibrant growth as a cultural community.

Since then, we have received numerous awards for the quality of our programs and services including preschool, performing arts, visual arts, and music. 


Our robust programs have not only contributed to shaping our community into an arts mecca but very important to bringing excellence in elementary education.

Loyola Elementary offers a broad and solid foundation to an exploration voyage on which your child is about to embark. Located in Doral Florida, Loyola Elementary provides early childhood and elementary education following the Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm.

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