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New Loyola Education Model

In order to adapt to our new normal, our school has adapted to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 


In-School Class

Students that are currently attending class at the school are divided into small groups. They are all separated to enforce social distancing and are wearing their masks. The youngest of our students that shouldn't be wearing masks according to the CDC guidelines are divided by transparent screens to keep them healthy. In our Reopening Plan, we have detailed all our plans to ensure the safety of our students. 

IPP Loyola School

The pedagogy behind our academic curriculum lies in the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP). This way of learning and a method of teaching is taken from the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola and adopts a holistic view of the world. Its three main elements are Experience, Reflection, and Action.

Core Curriculum
  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Loyola Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Engineering

  • Visual and performing arts

  • Spirituality

The Teacher-Learner Relationship

Applying, then, the Ignatian paradigm to the teacher-learner relationship in Jesuit education, it is the teacher's primary role to facilitate the growing relationship of the learner with truth, particularly in the matter of the subject being studied under the guiding influence of the teacher. The teacher creates the conditions, lays the foundations and provides the opportunities for the continual interplay of the student's EXPERIENCE, REFLECTION and ACTION to occur.

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